Do the Kegel - the pelvic squeeze

Have fun remembering your pelvic floor exercises
with this catchy, cheeky, 'squeeze-along' song

"Do the Kegel" gives you simple instructions and heaps of motivation to easily incorporate this valuable exercise into your daily life.
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Why people have downloaded 'Do the Kegel'

"Read about it on website,it sounds fun & might help me practise a bit more often!"

"Being a midwife and doula, for my own and partners enjoyment and its great to have in the car on long drives - the results! :o)"

"Love Laura-Doe's work and anything to do with Kegels has to be good."

"I am a childbirth educator always looking for interesting ways to enliven classes"

"It's a good reminder.. and who wouldn't like a song about vaginal exercise?"

"I need to do these exercises very much, but they are sooo boring!!!"

"Recommended by a friend"

"I think this is a fabulous way to remind women how important kegels are for our body. Wonderful!!!"

"I heard it once and loved it."


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"As a 50-year-old gravida 4 para 4 woman I know how important it is to keep that pelvic floor in good condition"

"I am tight and want to stay that way."

"It sounds like such a great way to remember to do those otherwise rather tedious pelvic floor exercises."

"Because I work with pregnant women."

"Greater sexual satisfaction, obviously more toned inners possibly less PMT ?? and pelvic pain"

"Well, not only is it an irresistable title, but all the potential benefits (eg. strengthened orgasms) are too good to miss!"

"Firstly curiousity and secondly if I can improve my incontinence and my orgasms, how can I refuse?!"

"I am a 40+ woman and after having 2 children would like to improve my pelvic floor."

"Because I'm 60 this year, and if I laugh too hard, I can wet myself!!!! "

"Its really important and I often forget about it."

"I never seem to remember to do them or how to do them exactly on a consistent basis."

"Post baby incontinence. Discussion with women friends about incontinence and pelvic floor exercises in the last few weeks."

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"Sounds interesting"

"I would love something to help me remember to do the kegel. I do them only when I remember."

"I have problems when sneezing or laughing or coughing and my practicioner says "do the kegel" I already do some, although not regularly enough. She says I should do several THOUSAND a day to see results!"

"Thinking about pregnancy!"

"I was trying to do kegels on a regular basis because I am fairly young (24) but have a problem with holding my bladder. However, I always get busy and forget. So I will put this song in my mp3 player (which is always on) and it should help me to remember. Thanks!"

"I teach a class on female sexuality at the College of William and Mary and this song would be ideal for my students."


"Stronger vag"

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