Do the Kegel - the pelvic squeeze

Have fun remembering your pelvic floor exercises
with this catchy, cheeky, 'squeeze-along' song

"Do the Kegel" gives you simple instructions and heaps of motivation to easily incorporate this valuable exercise into your daily life.
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Pelvic exercise routines to use with the song 'Do the Kegel'

A startup kegeling routine

Check out Laura-Doe's yOniversity..

For women with very little tone in the pelvic region it is important to start gently and keep feeling good about any improvement. A gentle startup routine that we suggest using with 'Do the Kegel' is to do one set of kegels in each chorus - that's four sets in all. First make sure that you can locate the correct muscle group. Use the instructions here and check out Victoria Vulva's video demonstration to make sure you are doing the exercise correctly and to establish your current kegel-ability.

Now using the rythmn to help you and the lyrics below, simply squeeze on red and relax on green.

'Do the kegel' ...., the pelvic squeeze
Come on with me ladies and kegel please
You’ll adore your pelvic floor
When you squeeze, squeeze, squeeze ... and relax

You will be doing do six short kegels followed by a longer one. If your current kegel-ability is less than 7 (ie you can't yet do seven in a row) just start in at the beginning of each chorus and do as many as you can. Pop the song on three times a day for a gentle start up program. As your kegel-ability increases you can move on to kegeling during the verses as well

A more advanced routine

If your kegel-ability is (or has become) 20 or over you can follow Victoria the "bouncing vulva" through a more advanced routine during the verses of the song. Squeeze as she goes down and relaxing as she comes up.
There’s an exercise that every woman needs
It’s called the kegel       the pelvic    squeeze
Its great  at any   age

Lets make it all the rage

It’s good for you, it’s fun and it's a breeze


Alternate with slow kegels

Remember it is important to practice both quick kegels (to strengthen the fast twitch muscle fibres) and longer sustained kegels (to strengthen the slow twitch muscle fibres). This alternative shows the second verse with longer kegels to build endurance.

          squeeze and hold.................... and relax
You can do it in the bank or on the bus

           squeeze and hold..................... and relax
You can do it with the minimum of fuss
            squeeze and........................... keep squeezing............

Find the muscle you’d locate when you don’t want to urinate
...........and keep squeezing...........................and relax
and squeeze. squeeze, squeeze ..........and relax

You can practice slow squeezes through the verses and quick ones on chorus.

Or alternate quick and slow kegels each time you put on the song.

Make sure you are doing the squeeze correctly by reading the instructions here and checking out Victoria Vulva's video demo!

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