Do the Kegel - the pelvic squeeze

Have fun remembering your pelvic floor exercises
with this catchy, cheeky, 'squeeze-along' song

"Do the Kegel" gives you simple instructions and heaps of motivation to easily incorporate this valuable exercise into your daily life.
Get the song on CD or an mp3 download - Giggle at the lyrics.

Kegeling and sex for men

Many men want to know ways to prolong ejaculation and how to ejaculate with force. One healthy way to do this is to simply work out your pelvic floor or Kegel muscles. When you have an erection, can you squeeze your PC muscle and make your penis jump substantially? If not, then it would be wise to start exercising your Kegel muscle to not only enhance sexual functioning but also maintain penile fitness. Just as working out your biceps will give you better definition and more strength, the PC muscle can help you strengthen and better define your erections and orgasms. But as is the case with everything, discipline is required. PC exercises can also be beneficial in the "squirt across the room" department as well. Porn Star Peter North who is well known for his ejaculation abilities did these exercises daily. So if you do them, not only can you have the most solid erection ever, but you might also be able to ejaculate on the ceiling!

The results will not be evident the instant you've done your first set of kegel exercises. It takes time, like with any muscle that you begin "training" regularly. Once you begin to master your exercises and are able to see a significant difference, the next time you're making love, stay inside your partner without moving. Instead of going in and out like you normally would, simply squeeze and release your PC muscle. If your partner has been doing their exercises as well, you can both perform this on each other. Enjoy!

Do the Kegel for prostate health

Prostate neglect ultimately results in prostate dysfunction, malfunction, and disease. However prostate disorders do not develop overnight, and regular exercise can prevent and reverse problems. Medical science accepts that it is normal for men over the age of fifty to experience problems with their prostates. Although prostate problems may be common however, they are not normal. They are abnormal. There is no need for any man to have prostate problems. A great way to prevent prostate problems is to 'Do the Kegel'.

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